Single Line Systems

Mode of operation: The central lubrication pump feeds the lubricant into a main distribution line which runs alongside the machines. Branches lead to distributors of type ZE - C mounted singly or in groups in the vicinity of the lubrication points. Their function is accurately to meter the lubricant and to deliver it to the lines leading to the lubrication points, even against high back-pressures. During one lubrication cycle the main line is pressurised, where upon metering of the lubricant to the lubrication points takes place. The pressure in the main line is then released into the suction chamber of the pump, causing the lubricant in the distributors to be supplied to the other side of the plunger, in readiness for the next cycle.

Lubrication points: up to 100
Pipe length: up to 30 m
Pump pressure: up to 160 bar

Example of application: General mechanical engineering, bottle cleaning machinery, calanders, plate conveyors, presses, type moulds, packaging machinery, machine tools, brickworks machinery, e.g.e.

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